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Meet Dr. Scott Hoffer

My life didn’t look very promising,” admits Dr. Scott Hoffer.

Scottsdale Chiropractor, Dr. Scott Hoffer

Scott Hoffer

As a child he was extremely sick. He suffered from severe colic as a baby and then the real health problems ensued in the coming years. “I was literally allergic to the world,” explained Dr. Hoffer.

At one point in time the medical doctor tested Dr. Hoffer for 140 allergens and he tested positive to 136 of them. These allergies caused extreme asthma and he also had a severely suppressed immune system. In elementary school he would miss 30-40 school days per year due to colds and infections. Since his father was a pharmacist, Dr. Hoffer had access to all the best medications and doctors in the Phoenix area.

In the 4th grade it was discovered at a school screening that Dr. Hoffer had scoliosis which is an abnormal curvature of the spine. He was evaluated at the Phoenix Children’s Hospital and surgery was recommended to correct the problem. Thankfully, his mother had just started to see a Chiropractor for her headaches that a nurse had recommended. His mother and father decided to try chiropractic for his scoliosis.

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Meet Dr. Burl Buchkowski

Started Receiving Chiropractic Adjustments As An Infant


Dr. Burl Buchkowski

Dr. Buchkowski grew up in Canada before going to college in Georgia, and then finally settling down in Arizona.  He is the youngest of five children to grow up on a rural self-sustaining farm whose parents would load everyone in their family van and drive an hour to the city for their weekly chiropractic adjustments.

These weekly visits proved life changing for Dr. Buchkowski, correcting the misalignment’s and consequences of a breech birth that left him susceptible to chronic colic and ear infections.  The immune supporting benefits of their maintenance adjustments continued to support a healthy family for years.  So much, that all five children became achieving, passionate chiropractors!  Dr. Buchkowski was the last but not least of his siblings to graduate from one of the largest chiropractic schools in the nation, Life University College of Chiropractic, and all his parents got was a t-shirt.  That didn’t stop them from always being proud of the doctors they raised.

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