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2021 Goals: Your routine creates your Health!!!

Well, it’s 2021 and I don’t know about you but it’s been a little difficult to do any goal setting for this year. Usually at this time of year we all make plans on what we want to accomplish for the year or areas in our life we want to tweak, improve, or sometimes a major overhaul is needed. It is hard to plan this year out but you can stay focused on your most valuable asset, your own personal health.

The last 10 months have thrown a little chaos to everyone and has disrupted our routines. How are you going to adapt and create a better routine to be even healthier? It has been a frustrating year to learn from the CDC, WHO, and local health departments contradicting changing strategies to this COVID 19 pandemic. The only strategy they have stressed over time is avoidance of the virus through masks, distancing, avoiding people, vaccines, and staying at home. There has been no talk about how the immune system actually works or how you can optimize your own immune system.

Most of you that are coming in for weekly lifetime wellness already have great daily routines and really do not need to change much. If your current routine is not healthy, write down 5 things you know you need to change and just do it. Here are a few ideas to focus on.

Spine/Nervous System Health: I am a Chiropractor for 27 years now, of course I will emphasize this. Get checked regularly.

Eating well: Break down your daily eating habits and find your weakest area – Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and snacks. Focus on 1 weakness at a time. You know what to do and just do it.

Move Well: As we say motion is life, when you stop moving you loose function of many systems of the human body. Maintaining muscle mass and range of motion as we age is what gives you your quality of life.

Hydration: Water, Water, Water. Do it!!!

Supplementation: Everyone should be taking supplements to ensure that you are getting all of the essential nutrients. We are suppose to get our nutrition from food, however, the soil has been over farmed and depleted over the decades, and it is nearly impossible to get these nutrients even if you have ‘the perfect diet’. If your on a good routine stick to it if it’s working for you. If not, get started and stick to it.

Sleep: Most of us need 6-8 hours per night. Research shows going to bed at the same time every night and getting up the same time is best for your health.

Focus on your routine, make it better, make it consistent, and keep it simple. Don’t over think, make it fun, and just do it. Let’s have have a great 2021 by designing a great daily routine. We will see you soon!!!

Yours in Health,

Hoffer Chiropractic
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