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Sports Chiropractic at Hoffer Chiropractic

Woman playing tennisAt Hoffer Chiropractic, we help athletes of all levels, whether weekend warriors or professionals, those in youth sports, or collegiate athletes in competition. Dr. Hoffer is specifically trained to deal with musculoskeletal pain and loss of function and has extensive experience working with sports injuries at all levels.

In addition to faster healing, those under care benefit from injury prevention, better range of motion, improved reaction time, and better performance. When your body is in optimal health, you can compete to the best of your ability and achieve superior results.

Helping Athletes Be at Their Best

For collegiate and professional athletes, in particular, training for competition is intense. They constantly push themselves at such a high level that the body becomes overworked and starts to fail. Issues with shoulders, necks, hips, knees, back—everything is impacted.

That’s where chiropractic comes into play. Our team identifies and corrects areas of dysfunction, ensuring everything is functioning correctly. Athletes can train at a high level for extended periods and prevent significant injuries while participating in their chosen sport. Being proactive with adjustments and getting your body aligned is critical.

The Value of Chiropractic for All Types of Sports

Most professional sports teams and collegiate programs have also added chiropractic to their health regimen. We generally see a lot of shoulder problems, followed by lower back and hip, but our team is equipped to handle any issue you might be dealing with.

Swimmers, weightlifters, golfers, tennis, baseball, football, dancers and basketball players have all experienced the difference compassionate, skilled care at our practice can make.

What to Expect

When an athlete comes to the practice, we do an in-depth consultation to determine the extent of the injury. Next are various spinal tests and an orthopedic evaluation, followed by a computer assessment of the spine and nervous system.

We use a surface EMG test to measure the electricity in the muscles on either side of the spinal column, which indicates muscle patterns and areas where the spine is not functioning correctly. If medically necessary, we may also take digital X-rays at this time.

A personalized care plan is created to address your issues. Our team offers support every step of the way to help you achieve your goals.

Get Back in the Game & Perform at Your Peak

Whether you want to boost your performance, get out of pain, or heal quickly so you can return to your sport of choice, we want to help. Call today to book a convenient appointment!

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